Doctors considering a career in the UK can still gain employment without taking the IELTS. Dr Amal, tells her story of how she got a job in the UK thanks to HCL.

How did you hear about the attachment option for GMC?

I heard about it from the GMC website and one of my friends confirmed it for me. HCL clarified the process for me.

Why did you decide to take an attachment for your GMC registration?

I thought that this option was going to help me to do the attachment in hospital. I felt I needed to be around real English speaking patients and employees more closely, to get a feel for the real future life as a doctor working in the UK rather than only doing the exam that is based in academic English – which is not the same as facing the everyday life of doctors in a hospital.

How did HCL support you with your attachment and finding a role in the UK?

HCL arranged for me to attend the hospital for the interview. The same hospital offered me a full-time job and helped me with accommodation too. They take care of most of the details to make my attachment easily available.

What advice would you give to any doctors looking to take this route for their GMC registration?

I guess attachment is better than taking the IELTS exam, as it helps not only in your English exam but also shows you the policy of working as a doctor in UK. It makes you familiar with the difficulties you might face as a foreign doctor who has never worked before in the UK.


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  1. Dheeksha Ponpandian

    I completed Mbbs from india and then masters of science in clinical dermatology, a postgraduate course in wales,uk. Currently practicing dermatology for about 8months at MIOT hospitals in India. Looking forward to work in uk.

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