We are pleased to announce another award success for HCL Workforce Solutions, as yesterday saw the company win ‘Most effective professional development for managers and executives’ at the Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards. This award reflects the hard work that the company has put in to turn around its business strategy.

Over the past two years, HCL has consistently worked to improve the skills of its managers in leading their teams to business success. As Emma Hall, Head of HR, states:

I was confident that we had designed a management development program that would enable our manager population to release the potential we have in our business. Providing our employees with learning and development opportunities is important to us, and we have invested significantly over the last couple of years to establish a robust suite of learning and development programs that enable our employees to be the best they can be.

Stephen Burke, CEO, continues:

It is clear HCL is now an employer of choice. We invest in our teams to consistently ensure that we have the strongest talent pool serving our candidates and clients. Our people ensure that HCL goes from strength to strength

The empirical evidence is clear, with a proven return on investment that saw a £3 return to the company for every £1 invested in staff. Building on this success, HCL’s sales managers are nearing the end of a Sales Leadership Development program in which they have developed their core skills even further through a blend of learning events, coaching and mentoring. In October the company is due to launch a Team Leader development program aimed at individuals in their first leadership role.

With the number of placements rising and a more engaged and positive workforce, HCL Workforce Solutions faces a bright future.

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