The Region

The Office of National Statistics recently rated Northern Ireland as the happiest place to live in the UK – so you can expect a warm welcome. It’s a country renowned for its natural beauty, as well as its cultural and historic attractions.

Along with dramatic coastlines, mountains and lakes, you can expect award-winning golf courses, famously scenic walks and superb restaurants.

Average living costs for Northern Ireland

  • Average house prices (February 2017)
  • Average house rent prices
  • Council Tax
    Average in UK £1,600/annum
  • Gas and Electricity
    Average in UK is £790/annum for small house/flat
  • Water and sewage
    Average in England & Wales is £395/annum
  • TV licence
  • House/contents insurance
    Average cost for both was £120/annum
  • Commute distance & percentage of salary
    43mins 19% of annual salary
  • Distance/Time from London
    Belfast – 470miles, 10+ hours drive or 1hour 10min flight

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