The Region

The East Midlands offers an ideal mix of town and country, as well as commutability to London. Historic cities like Nottingham are surrounded by rich countryside, and you’re typically only an hour’s train to London on the new and improved train service to King’s Cross.

Historic market towns like Market Harborough and Melton Mowbray are classically English with rich histories, while cities like Leicester and Nottingham offer real value for money.

Average living costs for the East Midlands

  • Average house prices (February 2017)
  • Average house rent prices
  • Council Tax
    Average in UK £1,600/annum
  • Gas and Electricity
    Average in UK is £790/annum for small house/flat
  • Water and sewage
    Average in England & Wales is £395/annum
  • TV licence
  • House/contents insurance
    Average cost for both was £120/annum
  • Commute distance & percentage of salary
    41mins 18.3% of annual salary
  • Distance/Time from London
    Lincoln – 156 miles, 3+hours drive, 2+hour train journey

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