Below are detailed guidelines for completing every section on your form, but here are some general points:

  • The form must be completed using capital letters and black ink
  • Your candidate ID number must be stated on the form
  • All signatures must be identical across the application form, otherwise, it will be rejected by the NMC, delaying the process

Section 1: Proof of Identification

  • Passport – will need to have at least one-year validity remaining.
  • Birth Certificate – all the details on the birth certificate must be clearly discernible. If not you will need to get an official transcription of the records archived on the birth register at the time of your birth.
  • CV showing your full employment history from your nursing qualification until now. Any gaps you have in your CV will have to be explained on the CV. Your CV will need to be check by myself before you upload it. You will be given further instructions when the CV is ready to upload.

All these documents will be uploaded to your online application.

Section 2: Professional Education and training

Section 3: Post-qualification Registration

  • Registration Certificate –Registration Authority Certificate for every country you have worked in as a nurse. This must be uploaded on your online application.
  • NMC Registration Authority Verification – This is to be completed by the Registration Authority nominated on the online application and must be couriered to the NMC. This must be submitted to the NMC within 3 months of the date on the form.
  • NBI / Police check – This must be uploaded & submitted within 3 months of the issue date. Please let us know if you are required to provide police clearances from outside the Philippines and we will advise accordingly. These must be uploaded on your online application and must be submitted within 3 months of the issue date.
  • Any practice that is unregistered will have to be evidenced on your online application and with the completion of the Registration Restrictions Verification Form – If you have unregistered practice please inform your HCL consultant so you can be advised correctly.

Section 4: Work Experience

Both referees must have supervised your work for a minimum of 12 months to meet the threshold of experience required form NMC. These referees must clearly be in a senior position to you. All your references can be provided by the same employer if you have worked in one institution alone.

  • Reference Form 1 – current employer
  • Reference Form 2 – former employer

Good Character and Good Health

  • Declaration of Good Health- this is completed by a physician who will determine that you are in good health to work. This must be submitted within 3 months of the issue date.

Top Tip: Wherever a signature is required please ensure they match If you are unsure, please contact a member of the HCL team.

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