Below are detailed guidelines for completing every section on your form, but here are some general points:

  • The form must be completed using capital letters and black ink
  • Your PRN must be stated on the form
  • All signatures must be identical across the application form, otherwise it will be rejected by the NMC, delaying the process

Section 1: Personal details

Date of birth format is dd/mm/yyyy, for example 01/01/1990

New address (if different) is your new address in the UK if this is known at the time of your application.

Section 2: Professional education and training

The date of commencement and completion of your qualifications must be the exact dates as they appear on your degree certificate.

Section 3: Self-declaration by the applicant

Please ensure that you sign and date this section where indicated.

Section 4: Declaration of good health by occupational health department/medical practitioner

This only has to be completed if your country’s competent authority is unable to complete the supporting declaration of health on the supporting declaration of good health and good character.

This can be completed by an occupational health department or medical practitioner. Please note that this cannot be accepted as valid without an official stamp.

Supporting Declaration of Good Health and Good Character for Admission to a Part of the NMC’s Professional Register.

Please pass this form to the competent authority in your country of registration for completion. The registration authority must sign, date and stamp both the supporting declaration of good character and good health. The document will not be accepted as valid unless it is stamped by the registering/licensing authority.

Guidance on supporting declaration of good health and good character.

What is good health? For the purpose of being on the register good health means fitness for registration i.e. your health must not interfere with your ability to work. Therefore you can have a serious/chronic condition and still be classed as fit for registration, as long as you are able to carry out your duties. However, if your condition can easily be passed to patients, other health care workers or the public, you would need to tell your employer as you should not be working and putting patients, colleagues and the public at risk.

Details of registration and practice

Exact start and finish dates of employment must be written on the form.

Areas of practice and specific duties must be written in English (including all use of English alphabet). Please submit these paragraphs to HCL via email for checking before writing them on the form.

Please note that if you have no relevant employment history (i.e. if you are newly qualified) you will need to write n/a (not applicable) in this section.

Registration or licensing authorities

Please write all sections in English (including all use of English alphabet) i.e. name and address of registration authority, qualification, date of registration, part of register, registration number.

Section 9: Route to registration under the general system.

If you do not meet the requirements for automatic recognition and acquired rights then you may qualify for registration under the general system. To assess your application, please supply a transcript of your training from your training institution showing a full record of the entire theory and practice hours completed during your training. You are required submit the following form with the transcript which can be downloaded via the NMC website (Insert your full name, NMC PRN number and state the part of the register you are applying for on this form. Send the form with your personal details to your training institution to complete. The form must be officially stamped, signed and dated by the training institution. If the stamp is in the native language, please provide an official English translation.)

Online form to accompany transcript of training

Top Tip: Wherever a signature is required please ensure they match