It’s vital that you complete each application step carefully and accurately, because this can cause delays, or worse it can cause a failed registration.

So follow the advice given for each step carefully:

Step 1: Assessment and recognition of qualifications

In the UK a nurse responsible for general care is known as an ‘adult nurse’ – and this step is about recognising that you meet this standard.

Therefore, you’ll need to send all of the following with your application:

  • Certified evidence of your qualification as a nurse responsible for general care
  • A police clearance certificate from every country you have lived in for more than three months; if you have lived in the UK, you can provide a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (these documents must be submitted within three months from the date of issue)
  • A marriage or civil partnership certificate (if applicable)
  • A certified copy of your passport or identity card (don’t send this until you’ve discussed your application with a HCL Consultant)
  • A certificate of current professional status, also known as a certificate of compliance or verification

All of the documents must be certified photocopies. Please also provide an English translation of these documents. The translations must have been verified as authentic by an official translation agency or your embassy. You must then send the certified photocopies of the originals and the translation to the NMC. The NMC will not be able to return any of these documents to you so it is important that you don’t send the originals.

If you were trained outside of the EEA

If you trained outside the EEA, but are a national of an EEA member state, you may be eligible to apply through the EU route of registration. To do this, you must have been registered and practising in an EEA member state for at least three years and be able to provide appropriate evidence. As the rules on this are particularly complex, you should contact us before you apply to discuss your situation.

Step 2: English language requirement

To complete this step, you need to log in to your NMC account online and input your IELTS score.

Remember, you need an overall score of at least 7 to pass, and you can’t score lower than 6.5 in any category. You also are able to provide scores from two tests rather than one, as long as both are within a 6 month period.

If you’re entering two separate test scores, you must:

  • Provide both test report scores in the second box. This box does not have a character limit
  • Submit the highest score you have achieved for each category (over both tests) in the score boxes. The other scores will be verified by assessment officers at the point of assessment, to ensure that the applicant has not scored lower than 6.5 in any category

Step 3: Application for entry to the register

If you’ve passed the first two steps successfully, you can now complete your registration as an NMC nurse.

To complete your registration, you will be required to make a declaration stating that:

  • You will abide by the NMC Code
  • You hold, or will hold when you begin practising, an appropriate professional indemnity arrangement
  • You are capable of safe and effective practise
  • Nothing has changed in your application since first applying

At this stage you will also need to pay the registration fee of £120.

Once you’ve paid this and completed all stages, we will finalise your registration and provide you with your official NMC PIN number.

Top Tip: Wherever a signature is required please ensure they match