There are a few things you should be aware of when moving to the UK. See below the things you will need to consider when moving here, and relevant links to get you started.

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National Insurance & Income Tax

When working in the UK, you will need to pay both National Insurance & Tax. Once set up these will be automatically deducted from your wage each month. Please see the links below on what you need for these, and setting them up:


All employers in the UK are required by law to enrol employees into a workplace pension unless the employee opts out. This means a percentage of your pay is put into the pension scheme automatically, and in most cases your employer adds money into the pension scheme too.


Childcare costs can quickly add up therefore it is important you take advantage of the help that’s available and budget carefully.


Rent can be very costly in certain parts of the UK, so it’s worth exploring all of the UK and decide which region is best for you and your family based on your cost of living. There are some lovely places outside of London which afford a better lifestyle balance for some.

For more information on the cost of living per region check out our interactive map.

Or alternatively use the following link for searching properties:

Utility Bills

Water, gas and electric all need to be considered as these will normally need to be paid monthly. The cost of these will greatly differ by the size of your property and the number of occupants so have a look at the best supplier based on your lifestyle.

Council Tax

The cost of council tax will depend on the property you are buying/renting, the area you intend to live in, and the energy efficiency of your home. With hundreds of councils in the UK, it is hard to give an exact figure for this. When researching properties make sure you ask for the council tax band and who your local council is in order to get an accurate cost.

TV Licence

You must have a TV licence if you:

  • watch or record programmes on a TV, computer or other device as they’re broadcast
  • download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand

A TV licence costs £147 per annum for both homes and businesses.

Running a car

There are a few costs associated with owning and running your own car. The cost of these has many different factors, so please use the links below for more guidance.

Transport (Bus, Train, Metrolink, Taxi, Tube)

Depending on where you live and work, you may need to rely on public transport to get around and to commute to work. Use the following links to get a better idea of the cost of travel based on where you intend to live;

Mobile Phone

There are many mobile phone providers in the UK, with hundreds of offers/deals. It is worth comparing all providers/plans to find the right one for you.

Websites like Money Supermarket allow you to compare prices easily: