We remain committed to EU recruitment

Brexit has divided the UK, but at HCL our position is very clear: the UK needs health and social care professionals from across the EU, and we will continue to recruit them.

We have a proud history of launching the UK careers of thousands of doctors, nurses, paramedics and more from all over the EU. And long may that continue.

Brexit is not slowing us down

Contrary to popular belief, we’ve had more applications from EU healthcare professionals since Brexit was announced than beforehand – permanent registrations have increased by 10.7%. And it’s easily forgotten that the UK won’t leave the EU until 2019 at the earliest. Until then, nothing changes.

Meanwhile, the hundreds of NHS trusts we support are consistently demanding more EU staff – vacancy rates are on the rise across the country.

The fact is, we need you, and we refuse to see Brexit as a barrier. As Jeremy Hunt himself put it, the NHS would ‘fall over’ without you.

Register with HCL without fear

Some media headlines might paint a confusing picture, but the reality is that we continue to place EU staff in fantastic jobs every day. At HCL, it’s business as usual.

So if you’re a healthcare professional based in the EU, and you want to work in the UK, register with us today.

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