Unqualified – Community Resource Worker

West Yorkshire


Salary: From £17.00 to £20.00 per hour

Job description

1 To develop awareness of the needs of children/young people from the community, contribute to their emotional, psychological and physical needs, and where appropriate enable individuals to understand, accept and change their personal situation.

2 To develop, maintain and support, individually or in conjunction with others, a wide range of services, on either a group or personalised basis to meet the needs of children/young people and/or their families/carers, particularly from the Asian community using the most appropriate equipment to enable them to articulate their own and other needs and to assist them in responding to these needs appropriately.

3 To assist with the process of achieving the best possible outcome for the child, families and carers, will establish appropriate links and communication channels with other agencies, Housing, Benefits, Education, Career Guidance, Probation Service, Health Visitors and other professional staff, both inside and outside the Authority, Carers, Foster Carers, prospective adopters and anyone else appropriate to the needs either ordinary or extra-ordinary of a child.

4 To maintain accurate, up to date and appropriate records, writing such reports as are requested by Management or are necessary to the conduct of the case and making recommendations as to appropriate action for Court, Reviews, Case Conferences or Tribunals.

5 To attend Court on behalf of the Department, giving evidence when called.

6 To act as an Escort.

7 To act as a Primary Worker for a number of children/young people/carers on agreed work programmes, attending planning meetings, case conferences, reviews and Court as necessary to the conduct of the case.

8 To assist in the development and provision of “Drop-in Centres” and support groups appropriate to the needs of the service.

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