community Nurse



Salary: From £25000 to £26000 per annum

  • Band: NHS benefits and tier 2 sponsorship

Job description

Roles and Responsibilities

Working in a variety of environments, from clinics and health centres to residential accommodation and patients’ own homes, community nurses help the NHS meet the needs of elderly, disabled or vulnerable patients who may not be able to easily visit the hospital.

Community nurses are trained to perform a variety of nursing procedures which may include:

  • basic care – such as checking temperature, blood pressure and breathing
  • administering injections
  • assisting doctors with examinations and medical procedures
  • cleaning and dressing wounds
  • setting up intravenous drips and monitoring ongoing care

Community nurses also provide an important educational and advisory service for patients and families, offering information on various aspects of healthcare. In some situations, community nurses may be expected to provide emergency care – where patients have had accidents or suffered complications, such as cardiac arrest.

The role is more than a way to relieve the UK’s busy hospitals and GP surgeries: community nurses offer their patients a level of emotional support and specialize in ‘joint care management’ for situations in which social services or wider care programmers may be involved.


You will get all the benefits of an NHS nurse.

Your NMC, CBT and OET/ IELTS fees will get reimburse to you once you are in UK and have UK bank account.

Your VISA fee will be paid by us and flight tickets will also be booked by us.

Your atlist a month’s accommodation will be provided by us.

We have opportunities across the UK so we can suggest you best as per your expectations.

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