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Levitra Generic – An Effective Solution for Impotence

buy levitra onlineLevitra generic is an affordable counterpart of the famous Levitra pills by Bayer, which is highly efficacious in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). The active ingredient of this drug was approved by the FDA in 2003. Levitra is on the list of prescription medications, so you can’t buy it in the nearest pharmacy without first visiting your healthcare provider.

One of the possible options that allow you to omit this long way to the drug purchase is to buy Levitra generic on our website. The medical specialists working online will consult you regarding the intake of the medication and give you a prescription. Therefore, the purchase of the medication will take you only a couple of minutes overall. We guarantee the excellent quality of the generic medication at an affordable price.

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What Is Levitra Generic?

Levitra generic is a product of the Indian pharmaceutical companies. It contains the same active substance as the brand drug, vardenafil. This preparation works in more than 70% of men using it for erectile dysfunction treatment. Levitra is highly efficacious in diabetics and can help even those men who failed to respond to the therapy with Viagra and Cialis.

The preparation helps men to attain and sustain a firm and lasting erection due to the vasodilatory effect it induces. The medicine also relaxes smooth muscular tissues of erectile bodies of the penis, thus letting more blood fill the organ.

Levitra Dosage and Intake Recommendations

buy levitra onlineMedical advice is required to determine the dose of the medication in each particular case. Levitra generic is available in several dosage strengths ranging from 10 mg to 60 mg. However, the maximum safe daily dose of the drug is 20 mg. It is not recommended exceeding it. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of severe adverse effects.

Levitra should be takenonly when you plan to have sexual intercourse. It is not intended for scheduled use, although you may take the pills daily if there’s a need. Still, make sure there is at least a 24-hour gap between the intakes.

The active substance of the medication needs from 25 minutes to an hour to come into effect. A fatty meal may reduce the efficacy of vardenafil, so ingest the tablet on an empty stomach, following it with a glass of plain water. In most patients, Levitra generic lasts for 5 – 6 hours.

Precautions and Contraindications to Levitra Generic

Men belonging to certain groups of risk should avoid Levitra intake, as they are more likely to develop severe side effects if compared to generally healthy individuals. You should tell your doctor if you have any of the listed below medical conditions:

• Severe heart disease;
• Recent history of stroke or heart attack;
• QT prolongation or other heart rhythm disorders;
• Penile deformations;
• Uncontrolled high blood pressure;
• Severe liver disease;
• Renal impairment;
• Stomach ulcer;
• Bleeding disorders.
This list can be continued, so call your doctor for details.

Dangerous Drug Interactions

Taking into account that erectile dysfunction mainly affects those older than 40, it’s not rare that men taking Levitra generic have to use some other medications. To minimize the risks for exacerbation of your major health conditions and the appearance of severe adverse reactions of vardenafil, avoid the following drug interactions:

• Organic nitrates;
• Riociguat;
• Alpha-blockers;
• HIV-protease inhibitors;
• Macrolide antibiotics;
• Tramadol;
• Trazodone;
• Some antifungal medications.

Drinking grapefruit juice when on Levitra generic is also not advised as it may trigger drug overdose with all the following outcomes.

Possible Unwanted Reactions to Levitra Generic

The statistics say that approximately 40% of men taking Levitra will develop at least one drug-related side effect. Although the percentage is quite high, in the bulk of cases, the reactions are mild or moderate and are not dangerous for your life and health. Moreover, as your body gets adjusted to the effects of vardenafil, the side effects may get still milder, or they may not bother you at all. The unwanted effects reported most often include:

• Headache;
• Light dizziness;
• Facial flushing;
• Stuffy nose;
• Diarrhea;
• Sensitivity to light;
• Blurred vision.

You should contact your attending doctor if any of these reactions gets worse or lasts for too long. Call an emergency room and get fast medical attention in case you develop any severe reactions to the drug. They include but are not limited to chest pain, painful erection that wouldn’t go away, changes in the heart rhythm (QT prolongation), partial or complete vision loss.

The intake of Levitra generic is an effective way to regain your male power, which is affordable for any pocket. However, be cautious and consult a doctor before buying the medication online.