King’s College Hospital pharmacy

King’s College Hospital (KCH) is one of London’s largest and busiest hospitals with the pharmacy providing the medicinal supplies for the entire hospital, dispensing over 650,000 items each year. Due to the high demand on the pharmacy, King’s has inevitably had to rely on locum staff to support their permanent team for a variety of reasons.

KCH began using HCL prominently for help in recruiting locum shifts in June 2012, attracted by HCL’s status as an on contract agency, ensuring set rates, high calibre of locums, and extremely high compliance standards. HCL’s position on the London Procurement Partnership framework, and access to NHS Professionals, guarantees these rates and standards for their clients, making the process simpler and more reliable for KCH.

HCL works constantly to recruit new candidates, building a large database of fully compliant, high quality candidates. As a result when KCH requested locum staff for their pharmacy, HCL were not only able respond promptly, but also, thanks to the importance placed by HCL on compliance when recruiting, were able to assure King’s of the quality of the locums they provided.

Since then HCL’s relationship with KCH has flourished, with the hospital liaising mostly with our client manager, Raanan Firmin. Raanan and the pharmacy desk have supplied King’s with a regular stream of candidates over last two and a half years, amounting to approximately 30 locums in that time. The strength of the relationship between the two came to a fore earlier in 2014 when KCH pharmacy trialled a seven day clinical pharmacy service, further increasing their demand for staff, including locum staff. HCL was once again able to aid, turning to their rich database to find suitable pharmacists to fill the shifts on the pilot rota.


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