The Challenge:

Prior to HCL’s appointment, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) had challenges with spiralling expenditure and lack of control over their temporary  workforce. One of the main factors was a high volume of suppliers and a large amount of off framework usage.

The Solution:

Following a tender process, HCL Nursing were awarded the Master Vend contract to provide a staffing solution for nursing and support staff.

HCL carried out an implementation to develop an in depth understanding of the Trust, ensuring common goals to reduce spend and off-contract use were met. HCL supported a restructuring of the internal staffing team, implemented a technology system to interface with the current system in place at the Trust and developed an approved supply chain to ensure continuity of supply and fill rates.

The Results:

In year 1, HCL achieved £650k cost reduction in agency spend and by year 3, spend was reduced by 18.5%.

The reduction in spend is largely due to supply chain management and rate controls, in addition to significant reduction in off-contract spending from 70% to 0.04%.

Through the lifetime of the project, HCL has maintained an average fill rate of 70%, a rate which is continuing to show an increase month on month, as we further develop supply and support the Trust with supporting demand. In addition to cost reductions and fulfilment, HCL has worked with LPT to provide qualitative results,
including the provision of a MAPA trainer. This helps to meet the Trust’s specific requirements for additional compliance. As part of this, HCL have increased compliance days to improve the quality of training and assessment.