The Trust

Wye Valley NHS Trust (WVT), serving a population of 18,000 in Herefordshire and its surrounding areas, has a clear-cut mission; to provide the quality of care that they would want for themselves, their families, and their friends. The Trust is well aware that staffing levels have a fundamental impact on patient safety. Therefore, in order to achieve their core goal, they have taken a proactive approach to recruiting substantive staff.

The challenge

With a significant need for nurses in theatres, medicine, and surgical wards, WVT turned to HCL for help with a volume recruitment drive, aiming to fill 60 vacancies in the first instance. Having had previous experience with HCL, the Trust was confident they would be able to once again provide its hospitals with the high quality candidates they needed.

The solution

HCL’s first steps were to bring representatives from WVT’s HR, nursing, and education teams through the new changes in the law regarding recruiting from overseas. Having fully briefed the Trust on the Overseas Nursing Programme (ONP), HCL agreed to focus their recruitment drives for WVT in India and the Philippines. Once these locations had been selected, HCL’s dedicated ONP team set about sourcing nurses to meet the Trust’s requirements, starting with theatre nurses, as this was their most immediate concern. Through a combination of thorough interviews and drug calculation testing, HCL drew up an initial shortlist of high-quality candidates from India to be interviewed by the Trust over Skype. Of those interviewed, 13 applicants were offered and accepted the posts, and with these encouraging results, the Trust was keen to continue with the ONP to recruit for the remaining 47 posts.

For the second recruitment drive, after consultation with WVT, the decision was taken to conduct interviews face to face, with HCL coordinating interview events in Manila, Philippines. This saved the Trust vital time, as it allowed them to interview a large number of nurses in the space of a week, across two interview panels. HCL once again drew up a shortlist of skilled nurses who suited the Trust’s needs and were highly proficient in English.

The results – 85 nurses offered posts

Due to HCL’s meticulous pre-screening and selection process, the highest quality candidates were brought for interview. This resulted in WVT struggling to reduce the number of nurses they interviewed down to the 47 that was initially agreed upon. In the end, WVT decided to make a further 25 offers, bringing the total number up to 85 nurses. In doing so, the Trust was not only able to fix their immediate shortages, but also allowed them to plan their staffing strategy for the long term. All of the nurses have accepted their posts and are looking forward to completing their move to WVT.

We are working alongside HCL to recruit nurses from overseas; HCL were knowledgeable in providing information to assist us through the process. We were delighted to be able to offer 85 staff nurse posts here at Wye Valley NHS Trust. We were amazed by the high calibre of candidates that we interviewed in Manila. They all had a very high standard of English, and their experience in nursing shone through. They will all make a positive difference in our Trust and will be welcomed. We look forward to the nurses arriving and becoming part of our teams.
Karen Miller, Recruitment Manager at WVT

Next steps

Over the next months, HCL’s dedicated ONP team will work alongside the applicants to support them through their CBT, OSCE and relocation. The team will also carry out pre employment checks, including references, and medical vaccinations to name just a few. Throughout this process, HCL will be keeping in close contact with the Trust to ensure they are provided regular updates of their new nurses’ progression and are fully prepared to welcome them at WVT.

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