HCL was requested to present a solution to Worcester Acute Hospitals’ high medical vacancy rate, continuing the strong strategic relationship that the Trust hold with HCL via Clarity.

Implementation – February / March 2017

Requirement – Circa 70 vacancies – our recruitment was to coincide with their own campaigns covering Consultant and Middle-Grade specialisms.

The Campaign

After completing implementation it was decided to have a combined approach for the recruitment campaign including:

  • Skype project interviews
  • Overseas recruitment trip to India
  • Ad Hoc interviews

This approach was to give an influx of doctors during Q2 and Q3, with the overseas trip adding further candidates from Q4 moving into Q1.

The decision to recruit in India was decided upon after collaboration between HCL and Worcester to ensure that all vacancies had sourced candidates. Due to the size and scale of the Indian market this was decided upon as the most suitable location.

Skype Interviews

Skype interviews were arranged for a number of fields including Acute Medicine, Paediatrics and Trauma and Orthopaedics. HCL sourced candidates from across the EU, the Middle East and India / Pakistan region.

The Result:

  • 19 Interviews took place between April and June
  • 15 candidates offered
  • 10 candidates accepted
  • 2 candidates arrived in June 2017
  • 8 remaining candidates will have landed by September 2017

Overseas Recruitment Event – India – July 2017

HCL organised a recruitment event in New Delhi in Bangalore for July 2017. The location was split to allow more candidates to attend. Three interview days were held with 55 interviews held in total. HCL sourced candidates from numerous locations and arranged for them to attend the interviews in person. Each candidate was pre-screened to ensure the client was aware of timescales for relocation to the UK and examinations held.

The Result:

  • 55 interviews
  • 32 offers
  • Currently 15 candidates have accepted offers
  • A further 5 candidates are expected to accept including 3 Consultant candidates


In 4 months HCL has recruited 25 doctors to the Trust in hard to fill shortage occupations. 6 Doctors have started in the post with a further 10 due to arrive by the end of October. The Trust currently has 30 vacancies remaining that we are sourcing candidates for and looking to arrange Skype interviews to help with the remaining positions. Many of the positions remaining are Consultant level in high shortage areas across the UK so will be an ad hoc approach to help recruit.

HCL are working with the Trust to ensure doctors are inducted comprehensively into the system to ensure retention is high over the coming year.

The Results

  • 3 Consultant Placements
  • 12 Middle Grade Placements
  • 5 SHO Placements
  • 22 IELTS passed
  • 3 IELTS pending

Project value to date: £196,000


HCL predicts a further 5 candidates will accept roles from the overseas trip adding a further £50,000 of revenue. An additional 10 vacancies are expected to be filled before the end of 2017.