The Challenge:

As the largest local authority in Europe, the Trust had a large volume of staffing requirements and a number of
key targets to achieve to ensure care is delivered to the correct standards within the region. Key deliverables
that BCT wanted to address were high vacancy rates, lack of quality candidates quality candidates, challenging
and diluted relationships.

The Solution

Following a tender process, HCL were awarded the Master Vend contract to provide a staffing solution for
children’s social work services in September 2015. HCL set out to deliver a new and innovative managed service,
with an aim to deliver quality agency staff and projected cost savings.

Within six weeks of initial award, HCL had fully integrated the Master Vendor with configured technology and
specialist teams.

HCL managed the implementation of the contract capturing all processes and introducing a new technology
system. During the implementation phase, HCL engaged with a Trust approved supply chain that is regularly
audited for compliance, quality and governance.

HCL also worked closely with the Trust to promote them as an employer of choice, producing marketing
campaigns and supporting the Trust’s temp to perm initiatives.

As a specialist provider of children’s social workers, HCL were fully equipped to support the council in meeting
service transfer deadlines and ensure there were no reductions in service performance.

Birmingham City Council recognises the important role agency workers play in maintaining staffing levels and thus supporting better outcomes for children in the community. HCL’s Social Care Service is a very good example of how to manage these staffing needs between a supplier and a local authority and we take part in our innovative partnership which is unique in the sector. HCL’s support has been excellent.

Yvette Waide
Assistant Director, Birmingham City Council
Children’s Service Department

The Results

Throughout the project with BCT, HCL have understood the importance of balance between fulfilment,
quality and cost saving, to ensure a sustainable service is provided and the best care is provided to the
children in the region.

In line with Trust requirements, HCL have worked to maintain fill rates of 95% and above, with 70% provided
by Tier 1 and 15% by Tier 2 agencies. HCL have also worked closely with the Trust to promote them as an
employer of choice and have provided 40 candidates into substantive employment via temp to perm
placements at a no cost to the Trust.

HCL’s account management, reporting and supply chain management enabled the Trust to reduce agency
staff by 50%.

The most recent Ofsted report noted significant improvements in staffing within the service, which has been
supported by the continuity of volume placements and retention rates (average of 80%) maintained by HCL.

Further improvements have been made by the technology support that HCL has provided, which has
reduced the administrative workloads of managers.

Following the end of the contract period in September 2019, BCT re-tendered for the same service
provision and HCL were successfully re-awarded, following the procurement process.


 Fill rates of 95% and above           Retention rates (Average 80%)

         Reducing agency staff by 50%   40 candidates into substantive employment


Vince Clark, Interim Service Director of Birmingham’s Children’s Services Department, states of the partnership with HCL:

‘The volume recruitment project has been crucial to our ability to make significant progress to improve staff morale and reduce average caseload. HCL have been an exemplary partner to the Council. In order to meet the needs of the service, they have been highly flexible.’