Having worked for HCL for two years now, I have found there service to be professional and consistent. In the last two years I have never been out of work and when transitioning between positons HCL and in particular my consultant Greg has supported me every step of the way. Making sure I am informed of new opportunities and taking me through the recruitment process. Just as important to me and my life is the robust internal systems such as the payment system. I have never not been paid and if I have ever had any issues with payment or placement I know that my consultant is available and will work with me to resolve any issues. I would not hesitate to recommend HCL. I have only chosen to work with HCL and their professional approach to recruitment has ensured my employment over the last two years. Based on my experience I would not hesitate to recommend HCL and their knowledge of mental health care services.
I was contacted by Health Care Locums (HCL) and Greg Weston in January 2013 with a view to registering with them. At that time I had been let down badly by another recruitment agency leaving me in a period of unplanned unemployment. I was also engaging with other recruitment agencies in their compliance processes, which I found to be rather laborious and drawn out. The registration and compliance with HCL was very efficient, and I was in work within a week. For the last 5 years I have worked solely with HCL and I have been in full time employment, that provides the flexibility I require from working as a Locum. Throughout I have always felt that I’m working and practicing safely under HCL’s compliance and guidance. Greg has been my representative throughout; he has always considered my experience and skills when finding me employment. Transitions from one contract to another have always been seamless. Having this personal contact has been great; he has always been responsive; dealing with any correspondence efficiently. Navigating payment processes in different organisations can be complicated, and Greg’s main priorities as my representative are ensuring I get the best possible rate of pay, that I’m paid on time, along with me being happy in the role I’m doing. I always feel that I have his support and value his feedback, as well as feeling listened to and valued as a representative of HCL. If Greg hasn’t been available he has always ensured that I have contact details of other members of the team in his absence. I would most certainly recommend HCL and Greg. As a nurse I feel confident and proud to be a associated with an organisation that prides itself on it’s quality and high standards.
I joined HCL in March 2018 with Greg being my point of contact throughout the process. The process was made much easier having him to guide me throughout and on hand to support me whether this may have been telephone or email support advising me what things I was required to take to interview with me, to prepping me for what to expect and aiding my confidence prior to interview. I have found HCL to be professional, punctual and supportive and have always been made aware in a timely manner of any changes required for timesheet submission etc due to the trust employing me changing their system. They are a lovely agency to work for and I would recommend them to others looking to be recruited in nursing and mental health work.
I am extremely satisfied and impressed by the service and support I have received from HCL, particularly from my consultant Greg Western. The company does exactly what they say they will do and don’t ‘promise you the earth’ to keep you on their books and then not deliver. As a mental health clinician I have also been impressed with HCL’s wide knowledge of the field, including where a candidate’s skill base will be best matched to what is available. Lastly, I feel very safe in the knowledge that the agency protects my registration by being the most compliance-compliant I have ever worked for. Highly recommended – I’m not going anywhere else!