• 1. How can I work?


    The traditional way of working agency is that you will be placed into a role and expected to complete a timesheet. This could be a paper timesheet or an electronic time sheet using an online system or portal.

    Direct engagement (DE)

    Direct Engagement is a method of engagement used by many Trusts for locum shifts and often used as a preference when deciding which worker to book.

    Via this method you will still be introduced and booked to work at the Trust via your agency, however, you will be paid by the Trust directly for the duration of your assignment rather than your agency. As you will be paid directly by the trust you will need to complete the trusts onboarding process in order to be set up correctly on their payroll system. In terms of your pay and holiday entitlement, there will be no change, the only difference is where your payment will come from. Using the direct engagement method can also increase your chance of being selected for the shift.

    Please note that DE is not available at all trusts; please speak to your consultant for more information.

  • 2. How can I be paid?

    Pay Methods:


    Tax and NI will be deducted from this rate before payment is made into your personal bank account. Holiday pay will be accrued to be taken when needed.


    This rate includes employment costs (NIERS) that will need to be deducted by your intermediary prior to tax and NI being applied.

    PSC – Inside IR35

    Reduction in rate has occurred due to employment cost (NIERS) now being paid by HCL, therefore Tax and NI will be deducted before being paid into your business bank account.

    PSC – Outside IR35

    This rate will be paid into your business bank account; it is the PSC’s responsibility to deduct all necessary employment and statutory deductions.

  • 3. How can I be paid? I.e. what pay method is accepted?

    List of documents required to set up an Employee with different Pay Methods:

    PAYE Setup

    • Starter Form (if applicable)
    • Bank details
    • Tax code documents(either one of them)
    • P45
    • Starter checklist
    • Email from locum confirming that “they are happy to be paid with a temporary tax code (0T)”. Temporary tax code: This means that the locum will not be paid any Personal Allowance they are entitled to until we have received a new tax code update from the HMRC.

    LTD Setup

    • Starter form (if applicable)
    • Limited company certificate of incorporation
    • An official confirmation of bank details in the limited company name, we can accept the below formats
      – Void cheque
      – Bank statement
      – Welcome letter from the bank
      – VAT certificate
  • 4. Which umbrella companies are on your approved supplier list (ASL)?

    Bradleys Payroll Solutions

    Tel: 0203 507 1811
    Email: info@bradleyspayroll.co.uk
    Web: www.bradleyspayroll.co.uk

    Click here for their factsheet

    Freelance Professional Services

    Tel: 0800 634 4848
    Email: agencysupportteam@fpsgroup.com
    Web: www.fpsgroup.com

    Click here for their factsheet

    Giant Umbrella

    Tel: 0330 024 0946
    Email: welcometeam@giantgroup.com
    Web: www.giantgroup.com

    Click here for their factsheet

    Liquid Friday

    Tel: 0239 288 33 00
    Email: hello@liquidfriday.co.uk
    Web: www.liquidfriday.co.uk

    Click here for their factsheet


    Tel: 0800 197 6516
    Email: newbusiness@paystream.co.uk
    Web: www.paystream.co.uk

    Click here for their factsheet

  • 5. How can I submit my timesheet?

    Timesheet submission methods:

    Paper Timesheets

    While completing the time sheet please ensure that the correct division timesheet template is used i.e. HCL Social Care, HCL Doctors, HCL Nursing, etc.

    Please ensure all of the required information is included and written clearly on the time sheet (as per below)

    • Locums full name
    • Client/hospital full name
    • Week ending date and shift break down (including start, end, break times and total hours worked) please note all times should be written in either 24hr or AM/PM format to avoid errors with payment
    • Job title


    Please ensure you also include the Locum and Clients signature.

    • Workers using E-timesheets need to ensure that they submit their timesheet by the deadline.
    • Where necessary please include all PO/reference numbers for the shifts completed on the time sheet.
    • Please scan timesheets and submit as an email attachment or via fax.

    Electronic Timesheets

    These are fundamentally the same as a paper time sheet but will need to be completed using the online system for the client to then authorise.

    Workers using E-timesheets need to ensure that they submit their timesheet by the deadline.

    Online portals

    Your consultant will provide you with the link and log in details needed to submit your timesheets using the online portal method. This method is dependent on the trust and isn’t available with all clients.

    Once you have completed your shifts you will need to log onto the required portal which you have been given access to and log your hours by the end of the working week. The hours are then sent electronically to management at the client for approval.

    A report is then downloaded automatically when the timesheet is approved on the next download date for your local authority or trust which our payroll team will then process.
    Once the above has been completed you will receive a text from HCL payroll to confirm your time sheet has been processed.

    Direct Engagement (DE)

    If you are working via direct engagement (DE) you will be submitting your time sheets directly to the trust. Timesheet submission can vary depending on the trust and could be any of the above methods or something completely different.

    Please contact your consultant when working DE to ensure your timesheets are processed in the correct manner and within deadline in order to avoid delays in payment.

  • 6. What is the deadline to submit the timesheet to process as soon as possible?
    You can submit the timesheet before midnight to get it processed on the next available payroll.
  • 7. How am I going to be notified if my timesheet will be processed or not?
    You will get an SMS around 09:00 am if it’s been rejected, and if it’s been processed you will get the SMS in the afternoon (between 13:00 – 14:00). Please note this time can vary depending on workload.
  • 8. How can I get in touch with the payroll team?
    You can send an email to hclqueries@hclworkforce.com or phone 0208 418 3052.
  • 9. How often do you process timesheets?
    We do payroll daily, so Monday to Friday – excluding bank holidays.
  • 10. Where can I view my payslips?
    We provide online facilities to our employees where they can see their payslips as well as timesheets. We provide a user ID and password for this account. All PAYE and PSC locums can view payslips on www.hclepay.com. Umbrella locums will have to contact their respective umbrella companies for this information.
  • 11. How can I activate my online account to view my payslips?
    You can contact the HCL queries team and they will send the activation email to your registered email ID, along with a user guide.
  • 12. Who do I contact if a locum wants to change their PAYE status?
    The locum will need to contact their HCL booking consultant if they are moving their account or changing their PAYE status (e.g,. moving from LTD/ Umbrella to PAYE or vice versa).
  • 13. Who do I contact if I have an hourly rate query?
    Any locum needs to contact their HCL booking consultant if they have an hourly rate query, as rates are calculated by booking consultants only.
  • 14. How are timesheets calculated and paid?
    The Payroll team process the timesheet by calculating actual hours worked, and will pay the minimum hours claimed or what’s been calculated.
  • 15. Why has my tax code changed?
    HMRC issues all tax codes. You get a copy of any new tax code notice so you should be aware of any tax code change. If you have a query, please contact HMRC as they don’t discuss tax code queries with employers.
  • 16. How do I request holiday pay?

    Holiday pay (PAYE only) will accrue at the rate of 12.07% per hour based on your average hourly rate over the last 12 working weeks.

    When you wish to take paid leave you must fill out a holiday request form and submit this to your consultant.

    Please note that holiday pay is only available to PAYE locums and will not be accrued by HCL if you work via a PSC or an umbrella company as this is included in your pay rate.

  • 17. PSC Payslip Explained (Inside IR35)

    1. Your Limited company name and registered address
    2. HCL Brand and tax period
    3. Your HCL payroll reference number, name, date timesheet processed and NI number
    4. Client name, dates worked, units worked, taxable rate*, total before any deductions
    5. Employer deductions**these are taken from the total as per point 4
    a. VAT is then added to the total after NIERs is deducted (if you are VAT registered)
    (HCL does not deduct NIERS from you pay rate)
    6. Tax and NI totals (to be deducted from total in point 5a)
    7. Total pay (not including NIERs) VAT figure and TAX code
    8. Year to date figures
    9. NET pay = what you will receive in your account

    *This will be different to the rate that you consultant advised due to NI threshold allowances. Taxable rate includes all employer and employee deductions payable to HMRC
    **All employer deductions are payable to HMRC (before VAT is calculated)

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  • 18. PSC Payslip Explained (Outside IR35/Private)

    1. Your Limited company name and registered address
    2. HCL Brand and tax period
    3. Your HCL payroll reference number, name, date timesheet processed and NI number
    4. Client name, units, rate, total and dates worked
    5. No deductions made by HCL as this is the responsibility of the limited company
    6. Total pay and VAT
    7. Year to date figures
    8. NET pay = what you will receive in your account

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  • 19. PAYE Payslip Explained

    1. Your name and address
    2. HCL Brand and tax period
    3. Your HCL payroll reference number, name, date timesheet processed and NI number
    4. Client name, units, rate, total and dates worked
    5. Tax, NI and other deductions
    6. Total pay, total deductions, tax code, payment method
    7. Year to date figures
    8. NET pay = what you will receive in your account

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  • 20. Other useful information/tools
    Check out our handy timesheet checklist