Patient safety is central to everything we do

Our candidates make daily decisions that affect the lives of thousands of patients. So, it should come as no surprise that one of our primary objectives is to conduct vigorous screening and in-depth compliance checks. This ensures we can stand confidently behind every candidate we work with and each placement we make.

We provide a compliance process, including occupational health screening, mandatory training and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. In addition, we hold regular compliance events throughout the UK. These are an excellent way to meet the team and complete all the documentation necessary to start working with us.

What’s more, we go out of our way to make the compliance assurance process as quick and easy as possible. Our checks include:

  • Detailed interviews
  • Proof of identity
  • Skill checks
  • Full reference checks – both academic and professional
  • Enhanced DBS (formerly CRB Screens)
  • Occupational health checks
  • Right-to-work checks

Our standards adhere to the UK legislative requirements, NHS Employer Standards, Crown Commercial Services (CCS) (formerly Government Procurement Service), London Procurement Programme (LPP) and HealthTrust Europe (HTE) framework terms, as well as best industry practice.

We’re proud that our commitment to quality has resulted in external audit scores of 91% from LPP and a 100% pass rate from the HTE.

To find out more about HCL’s high standards, contact us.

Compliance Process

  • Candidate contacted by HCL Admin & Clerical resourcer/client consultant to conduct pre-screen over the phone
  • CV reviewed to ensure full history is completed
  • References will be applied for, these will need to cover 3 years
  • Registration email is sent to candidate
  • Candidate gets allocated to the compliance division and then booked in for a compliance session
  • Compliance officer sends the online training and DBS application instructions to the candidate for completion prior to compliance event
  • Candidate attends compliance event
  • Compliance officer reviews the documentation submitted at the compliance session
  • DBS clearance obtained via new application or DBS Update Service Check
  • Occupational health clearance is obtained
  • All references are obtained
  • Full file review, then signed off for work

Have a compliance question? Read our compliance FAQ’s.