Dario Marras, a surgical nurse from Italy, shares his experience of living and working in Wales.

This is one of a series of articles, we will be publishing, to show the hard work our nurses are doing and what their experience of living in the UK is.

How did you hear about HCL Permanent?

I came across one of HCL Permanent’s Italian recruiters almost by accident and my life has massively changed ever since. Thanks to HCL Permanent I am now working in a lovely hospital in Wales. The landscape here is breathtaking and the work environment is very stimulating. This is a new chapter in my life and I think that the future that awaits me will be full of personal and professional satisfaction.

Tell us a bit about your new life in Wales and how do you find it?

I came to Wales on 15 May 2016 after graduating in Italy in November 2015. I am now working in Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend town in South Wales.

I am doing very well. I am really happy with my job and the support I’m receiving. The place is also great with Cardiff being very close, just 20 minutes by public transport, where there are a lot of young people.

How would you compare working in Wales versus Italy?

I’d say there is not too much documentation in Italy. I think there is much more bureaucracy here. I need to fill documents and charts every day. During my nursing training in Italy, I could perform all procedures, such as catheter samples, phlebo therapy and test for blood sugar while here I’m just doing certain tasks. If I want to perform some others, I need training and a certificate.

What do you think it’s the most difficult part of starting your new life abroad?

I’d say the language. But I believe if you want to learn and improve your English, you will succeed. I’ve seen colleagues who came here in January – February and just in few months their English has considerably improved.

Is there any reason why you chose to come to the UK?

In December 2015 I found out about HCL Permanent on Facebook and decided to get in touch for several reasons. In Italy there were not enough jobs and I wanted to get to know some new experiences and culture; improve my English and grow personally and professionally.

Have you faced any challenges during your stay here?

Everyone at the hospital where I work has been really supportive. I’m still getting used to speaking English all the time, but I am sure that I will improve. I’d like to go out more and to buy a car in few months.

What advice will you give other nurses who want to come and work in the UK?

Italy is where I was born and I think this is where I can create a family in future, but the UK is the place where I can grow personally and professionally. It’s very good to get to know a new place, totally different from my home country. My advice to other foreign nurses is to come here to build a better future for themselves.

I’d advise them to abandon their fears and uncertainties that cross their minds, such as leaving family and friends. Be confident, this is an incredible and exciting opportunity.

Interested in working in the UK?

Here at HCL Permanent, we understand moving to a new country can be challenging. We support candidates, like Dario, every step of the way. We have helped hundreds of foreign nurses find their dream permanent roles in the UK. You can be next. Upload your CV or request a call back from us.

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    Hi ,I am General Nurse from Romania ,I work for Newcross Health Care as HCA for two years because I can’t pass the English test to become a nurse with a pin .In Wales I need to take any test ?Thank you .Regards .Ciprian.

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