Ben Paolini, a theatre nurse, shares his experience of living and working in the UK.

This is one of a series of articles, we will be publishing, to show the hard work our nurses are doing and what their experience of living in the UK is.

Why did you decide to become a nurse?

There’s no medical history in my family. I liked chemistry and biology in college and I was always interested in going into the medical sector. In Italy being a doctor or a nurse is highly respected. I chose to become a nurse, because being in direct contact with patients is important to me. Being a nurse gives me the chance to be more in touch with patients so I can enhance their hospital experience.

When did you come to the UK?

I came to work as a nurse in Colchester, England two months ago. However, I’ve been in the UK a few times before.

How do you find life in the UK so far?

I am feeling very well here. I graduated in Italy in 2008 and since then I worked in A&E and decided I wanted a change, so I came to the UK to be a theatre nurse.

Is there any reason why you chose to come to the UK?

I was looking for stability and better career opportunities. HCL Permanent offered me a permanent job and in my country it’s really difficult to get a long-term contact. Having a permanent job helps me make some longer term plans, such as buying a house. I’m an ambitious person and want to progress in my career. Here in the UK there are fantastic opportunities for career growth in my chosen specialised area. Also, big part of my decision to choose to relocate to the UK was my girlfriend, who is Scottish.

What do you think it’s the most difficult part of relocating abroad?

I think the toughest thing is leaving your family and friends. For some people it can be challenging to change their job and city they live in. They also need to get to know their new colleagues.

Have you faced any challenges during your stay here?

I haven’t experienced any difficulties so far. My colleagues and everyone I’ve met here have been really understanding and supportive. I consider myself to be quite lucky, because I have a good level of English and I haven’t had any difficulties living in the UK so far. While for other colleagues, willing to work in the UK, language barrier can be an issue, it wasn’t for me.

What advice will you give other nurses who want to come and work in the UK?

I’d definitely encourage other nurses to come to the UK. Everyone who is dedicated and ambitious will have the chance to improve their skills and further develop their career. Being a nurse in the UK not only gives you stability, but also helps you experience a different way of working, which undoubtedly contributes to a more diverse experience.

Interested in working in the UK?

Here at HCL Permanent, we understand moving to a new country can be challenging. We support candidates, like Ben, every step of the way. We have helped hundreds of foreign nurses find their dream permanent roles in the UK. You can be next…


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