Sarka Frankova, a nurse in Wakefield, shares her experience of working in the UK. Read her interview below:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Sarka and I am from the Czech Republic. I have been working at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust in Wakefield since November 2015.

Why did you decide to relocate to the UK?

After finishing my masters degree in surgery in my home country, I decided it would be nice to travel abroad and improve my English in a nursing environment.

I already had a voluntary nursing internship in Namibia, Africa for three months. I went there with a colleague of mine who is a social worker and we worked with both adults and children. I gained experience in midwifery there. It was absolutely great and I really enjoyed my stay in Africa.

How did you hear about HCL Permanent?

I started my career in the UK by being a nurse in Wigan. I was looking for other nursing jobs online and found a HCL Permanent job advert. When I applied for the job, my recruiter contacted me the same day and I was really glad. She arranged three interviews for me with different hospitals. The whole process was really quick and fast. I had all my documents prepared in advance, so this helped considerably.

How are you finding life in the UK?

I really like living in Wakefield; it’s a very nice and small city. I was nicely surprised at how modern The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust building is, because the hospital where I have been before was from the 18th century and all other hospitals I have seen were also chaotic. I also really like my colleagues – they offered their support from day one.

What would you advice would you give to nurses who are considering starting their career in the UK?

I would recommend nurses to come and work here. However, they really need to know that the healthcare system is different in the UK, so it might be a surprise for some people. I’d say hospitals in the Czech Republic are modern and better organised compared to British hospitals, which is something I miss here. However, the salaries in my home country are not very high.

In my opinion, nurses in Czech Republic are trained better. After nurses complete their bachelor and master degrees in the Czech Republic, they are qualified to do everything. Also, I find the hospitals here understaffed, which perhaps is an issue across the country. Also, in the Czech Republic I could choose if I wanted to work 8 hours for 5 days a week or 12 hours organised in shifts. In the UK the working times are organised in a better way. Also, the pay here is much higher.

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