With the outcome of the EU Referendum having been announced and Britain having voted to leave the EU, our attention is focused on the impact that this will have on our EU nurses currently out on assignment through HCL.

No immediate concern should be raised as the terms of Britain’s exit are anticipated to take 2 years or even longer to negotiate. Moreover, once the country has left the EU, there are a range of different options that could be agreed longer term to manage the number of and route for EU health professionals in the NHS.

Tens of thousands of NHS nursing and doctor posts are vacant and this will not change in the wake of Britain’s exit. Between 2013 and 2015, there has been a 50% increase in nursing vacancies, with 9% of the nursing workforce vacant. It is worth remembering the Government recently acknowledged the importance of NHS staff from outside Britain, by adding nurses to the Shortage Occupation List which applies to non-EU staff. This measure was supported by the NHS leadership. HCL will continue to highlight the contribution you and other EU staff make to the health service.

We have put together a short list of questions and answers for you to refer to should you be concerned, or please contact your HCL consultant.

1. What impact will Britain leaving the EU have on my employment status?
The terms of Britain’s EU exit are anticipated to take 2 years or longer to negotiate and until that time we do not expect there to be an immediate impact on your employment status

2. I have not secured a position yet although I am half way through the application process. How will my application be affected?

Your application process will continue as normal and on passing all of the relevant stages you will be placed into a position with one of our clients.

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