A dedicated HCL Healthcare locum is preparing to take on the brave task of giving up her luscious locks for charity.

Sarah Dukes, who has been working as a locum with HCL Healthcare for over 10 years, is helping to raise money to support the Macmillan Cancer Foundation.

This is a charity close to her heart, as she has lost family members to cancer, as well as supporting friends battling the disease.

Sarah will be grabbing the razor on 17th October, surrounded by crowds at her local beer festival. She says, “I have been a manager at the Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival for 10 years this year and I’m very excited that my fellow members of the organising committee have decided to adopt Macmillan as the festival charity, and are positively encouraging me in the shave.”

Since 2015, brave shavers like Sarah have raised over £22.7 million. This incredible amount could pay for 140 Macmillan nurses for three years.

It’s a sad fact that most of us at some point will see cancer affect a family member or loved one, however it’s with the hard work of organisations like Macmillan that we are supported through the experience. We are all firmly behind you Sarah!

If you would like to offer a small donation to support this fantastic cause, follow the link to Sarah’s donation page. Good luck Sarah!

Click here to sponsor Sarah! 

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