If you are interested in becoming a Practice Nurse or starting a career as a nurse, the following information may help you prepare for an interview. The first section contains information for making a good impression during the interview, while the second section will provide you with practice nurse interview questions and answers.

Interviews may be quite intimidating for some people, but the more you are prepared the less intimidating the interview will seem. When interviewing for the position of a Practice Nurse the intimidation factor may also be lessened by the fact that you already have the training to meet the criteria for the job. Make sure you are up to date on your CPR training, you can go to WTA and take their course before doing your interview. Therefore, the answers which you will provide to an interviewer’s questions will be a relatively known factor.

How to Make a Good Impression During Your Interview

Impress with Your Non-Verbal Communication

It is important to make a good first impression, which is often within the first thirty seconds of the interview process. For a professional position like a Practice Nurse dress accordingly; suits are appropriate, but simply dress sensibly for the type of job that you will be doing. Let the interviewer experience your personality, smile, show interest in the position, and be sure to speak clearly. Always be honest while also presenting your image in a positive light. Prepare yourself further by creating a list of possible questions which you may be asked by the interviewer. These may include questions relating to your C.V as well as questions relating to the company or institution at which you are trying to work. Questions may also pertain to how you may conduct yourself within the framework of the job’s requirements. The next section may assist you with these questions and answers.

Top Questions for Practice Nurse Interviews and Answers

Why did you become a nurse?

This is a question that will almost definitely be asked and you really need to think about your answer; it is important. There are different reasons why you may have become a nurse which may include wanting to help others, having been inspired by a family member or friend, or having an intrigue for the medical side of nursing. Your answer may include any of these or may be multi-faceted, or even complex. When you answer the question simply be truthful and sincere to your reasons for becoming a nurse.

A Practice Nurse should possess certain main characteristics. What are they?

A practice nurse should perform tasks deftly and with efficiency, while being personable and presentable.  A practice nurse should also perform duties and procedures with minimal unpleasantness for the patients

A practice nurse regularly performs certain routine procedures. What are they?

A practice nurse will treat and dress wounds as well as take blood samples, urine samples, and swabs. Further treatment and general health are two matters which practice nurses will consult and advise with patients. The key to answering this question is to provide a coherent description of the routine procedures you will perform as a practice nurse. Provide the interviewer with the impression you understand the overall mission of a nurse and not simply a list of duties in an average day.

Nurses often administer injections and vaccines. What experience do you have performing these duties?

Injections are given by nurses a lot of the time. Therefore, provide the interviewer with the population sectors within which you have worked with giving injections. This may be only certain sectors or all sectors. Vaccinations are given by nurses to patients as early as infancy and right through the senior years of older patients. The travel vaccine is one of the most common injections which nurses administer.

Administering first-aid and emergency treatment are sometimes required of practice nurses. Do you have any experience in this area?

In certain situations, especially when a doctor is not immediately available, nurses may be required to administer first-aid or emergency treatment. When emergency situations arise, nurses are often nearby because they are tasked with monitoring patients who are recuperating. Therefore, they are the first health care professionals to provide assistance to a patient experiencing an emergency situation. You may wish to add to this answer with an example from your own experience in which you had to administer first-aid or emergency treatment and explain the procedure that you applied to the patient.

Practice Nurses are often working with other professionals. What experience do you have managing a team or working as part of a team?

It is important to know that practice nurses are often the people being led by someone else, working within a team framework. The requirement of a practice nurse to be a strong team leader is not generally the case. Senior personnel usually instruct practice nurses as to their duties. Practice nurses follow this instruction as part of the team framework and help senior personnel where appropriate.


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