Locum pharmacist Aidan shares his experience of relocation. His journey from the Emerald Isle to the UK was both seamless and rewarding.

The journey from a Trinity College Dublin pharmacy student to a locum hospital pharmacist in the UK was a challenging one – yet a rewarding and enjoyable one all the same.

Born in Cork, I moved to Dublin to study Pharmacy at Trinity College. I graduated and secured a pharmacy pre-registration at Blanchardstown hospital in Dublin, with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Afterwards I completed a 12 month hospital pharmacy maternity leave cover for a hospital in Cork.

After the maternity leave cover, I registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council in the UK. Being in touch with a friend who was currently working in the UK, she advised me to contact a hospital pharmacy locum agency and she felt that locuming would be an invaluable experience to enhance skills while practicing in a new country.

I was surprised with the range of locum jobs…

What I expected to be a very daunting experience – of trying to find locum work in the UK – turned out to be a smooth and enriching experience. Coming from a country where locuming in hospital is very rare I was surprised to discover and explore the vast amount and range of opportunities around the UK.

The locum agency went through my hospital pharmacy experience, discussed the different specialities and divisions that would like to work in, and explored the areas I would like to work. Not having accommodation in the UK, the locum agency assisted me with using various house flat share websites and directed me to a range of relevant sources.

The process was fast…

Having secured my first hospital locum on a Thursday I booked flights over to the UK and started work on the following Monday. As exciting as this new life adventure was for me, my Mum did shed a few tears despite telling her that it’s still so close and just a flight / ferry away.

Looking back over the last two years I am grateful for having the opportunity to work in so many NHS hospitals in the UK (from London to Liverpool), gathering experiences in a range of areas such as mental health, paediatrics, surgery, oncology, clinical trials and general medicine.

What I enjoy most about being a locum…

Working with different people from diverse backgrounds in new environments – learning from those more experienced and assisting those who are starting their pharmacy journey – is what I enjoy most as a locum.

If you’d like to find out more about locum opportunities in the UK – search our job board, or register with HCL health care companies today.

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