Dr Kasim Kolakkadan, a doctor from India, shares his experience of getting a job in the UK. Read his interview below:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Dr Kasim Kolakkadan and I am from Kerala, India. In March 2016 I came to the UK to work as a Consultant in respiratory medicine.

I have over 20 years of experience as a doctor, 15 of which as a Specialist Doctor. I graduated from Calicut Medical College in Kerala, India in 1994. Then, I did a masters degree in respiratory medicine in 1999 in Goa, followed by MRCP-UK in 2005. I worked in Saudi Arabia, UK and Australia and finally settled in my home country.

Why did you decide to relocate to UK?

After working in various countries I decided to settle down, so I went back to India, where I worked for over 7 years. Then, I decided to come back to the UK again, this time as a Consultant, so that I gain a different kind of experience for a few years.

Regarding the reason why I decided to work in the UK, I’d say that the NHS is one of the best healthcare systems for training. I have worked in different countries, so my experience in the UK is invaluable and one of the best ones in the world.

How did you hear about HCL Permanent?

When I started searching for jobs abroad, I registered on HCL Permanent’s website and my consultant contacted me straight away.

What do you think about HCL Permanent’s recruitment process?

I am very happy with the recruitment process; it was a really good experience. My recruiter has been fantastic. She initiated everything and followed it up regularly. She was very persistent and kept reminding me I needed to prepare and send some documentation. I think this is why the whole recruitment process was so quick. When I initially came to the UK for the first time, it took me approximately six months, this time it only took me three.

What advice would you give to other foreign doctors who are considering starting their career in the UK?

HCL Permanent is a very good agency for them to use in order to relocate to the UK, I was really glad I choose it. Also, I’d definitely recommend other Indian doctors to come and work here. If they are not planning to settle down in the UK, they work for a couple of years. A work experience in the UK will provide every doctor with a lot of invaluable professional experience and it’s an excellent step in everyone’s career. In addition, it’s a huge advantage when searching for a job anywhere in the world. A couple of years work experience in the UK makes a person internationally acceptable.

Another positive side is communication – in India our curriculum doesn’t really teach about active communication with patients. While in the UK, communication with patients and their relatives is essential in the day-to-day work and doctors in the UK learn how to communicate effectively with patients naturally. So I’d say in this respect practicing in the UK is very different. Also, in the UK you will rarely get an angry patient as everyone is really calm and polite.

Interested in working in the UK?

Here at HCL Workforce, we understand moving to a new country can be challenging. Therefore, we support candidates every step of the way. We have helped hundreds of foreign doctors, like Kasim, find their dream permanent roles in the UK. You can be next… Start your journey today by registering your details online, uploading your CV or checking our complete list of permanent vacancies for doctors. Alternatively, request a call back.

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  1. Looking to have a telephonic discussion about my brother in law who has 20 years of experience as surgeon in a Government Hospital in India and is looking to relocate to UK as a Doctor. Also his wife is running her own Radiology hospital over 15 years and she is also looking to relocate and work as a Doctor in UK. Please call on 07951535828 for initial discussion

  2. Dr Indira

    I am a gynaec and my husband is an orthopaedic surgeon, we are nearly beginners, willing to settle in UK and indie course see ourselves as consultants..is that possible with our type of branches and what all other requirements are there? Plz help.

  3. Balasubramanian

    Sir I am a general surgeon working in Indian army and about to leave my job. Having a work experience of 15 years. I would like to relocate to UK .kindly help me in finding the same

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