Keeping Britain Healthy is our ongoing campaign of celebrating the NHS and the heroes, who are part of it and are making it so great. Below we’ve listed just some of the incredible stories we managed to gather as part of Keeping Britain Healthy.

#KBH – NHS helps me beat deabetes

Currently four million people in the UK are living with diabetes. Terence, former Marketing Manager at HCL, shares his first hand experience of how diabetes has affected his life. Read his story to find out how the NHS saved his life in just five hours.

#KBH – NHS doctor successfully delivers baby against all odds

The maternity team at Tameside Hospital, Ashton Under Lyne provided care to a mother who suffered from paraplegia and type one diabetes. The birth was made more challenging as the baby’s growth was below the tenth centile (foetal growth restriction). In the mother’s own words “my doctor is my angel who helped my dream come true”. Read this incredible story here.

#KBH – Neurologist goes extra mile

This is the story of a patient, who has been having numerous tests and a relatively long list of diagnoses for over five years, who finds it reassuring to know that they are under the care of a fantastic doctor. Read more.

#KBH – Physio improves patient care

Tricia from Southend has suffered from arthritis since being a teenager and as she has grown older, her mobility has become affected in different ways. After visiting a physiotherapist for 6 months, the mobility in her shoulder and arm has increased dramatically and there is no longer a need for surgery. Tricia says: “I am so grateful for his patience and support and thankful for the dramatic improvement in my quality of life.” Whole story available here.

#KBH – Leyla praises NHS mental health services

Leyla Hyda, Compliance Officer at HCL, shares her experience of mental health services in the NHS, from both a personal and professional viewpoint. Read her incredible story.

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