Back in May 2015 I broke my foot. Ipswich Town played East Anglian rivals Norwich City in the play-off finals, the first leg ended 1-1…I was ecstatic as a tractor boys fan! I happily ran down the stairs but as I came to the bottom my foot went over and I heard a crack and I couldn’t walk on it!

Being a Saturday my partner drove to Queen Elizabeth hospital in Kings Lynn and I was given a wheelchair and seen by triage nurse in A&E within 10 minutes. I was then seen by nurse practitioner who requested an X-ray after categorising it was likely a ‘footballer’s injury’ (irony was not lost on me!). I was X-rayed, seen again by nurse practitioner who told me it was a break and a small crack and my foot was put in plaster up to my knee, and I was out of there in total having only been there 2.5 hours. Speedy service if I ever saw it and lovely people!

Especially the chap who plastered my foot-he knew all the little techniques as to how to get it comfortable and told us anecdotes about other patients to make it a better experience for me. Speedy service in fracture clinics following this and helpful staff too! Made this experience (first time I ever broke a bone in 26 years!) more relaxed and less clinical.

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