Tricia, Southend.

I have suffered from arthritis since a teenager and as I have grown older, my mobility has become affected in different ways. Most recently I began to lose mobility in my left arm, and had difficulty raising it without severe pain. I had a short term solution, in the form of an injection, which helped, but the next step was surgery on my shoulder.

I had been offered physiotherapy and said I would like to give this a try before going down the road of surgery.

The physiotherapist was warm, welcoming and very helpful. I was shown a number of exercises that would hopefully increase the range of movement in my shoulder and arm. However, some of the exercises involved gripping an elastic exercise band which caused considerable pain in my arthritic hands.

The physiotherapist was able to think of a number of ways to get around this, adapting the exercises to make them accessible to me. He was very patient, encouraging and helpful and when something wasn’t working, we looked at it together and found a way that worked. He not only explained the impact of each exercise on my muscles and skeleton but talked about other things that I could do to help improve my overall mobility within my daily life.

After 6 months, the mobility in my shoulder and arm has increased dramatically and there is no longer a need for surgery.

I am so grateful for his patience and support and thankful for the dramatic improvement in my quality of life. Am seriously checking classes of muay thai in San Diego – am sure I can now handle that. Keeping Britain Healthy is a campaign launched by HCL Workforce Solutions. Its purpose is to celebrate the NHS and everyone who supports it. This includes doctors, nurses, social workers, healthcare professionals and administrative staff.

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