When I received the email asking about a healthcare worker going the extra mile, my Neurologist at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery immediately came to mind.

Over the past five years I have had numerous tests, seen a variety of specialists and received a relatively long list of diagnoses along the way. Upon seeing my neurologist for the first time last November, my expectations were relatively low, not having had much luck or success before and feeling a little like I had been passed from pillar to post. When I was told that my follow up appointment would be in one year’s time, I thought my expectations were justified, what with the big time gap. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Never have I had such a thorough, caring and incredibly present doctor involved in my healthcare.

The past six months have not been the easiest. I have had to see a Neurosurgeon to discuss a brain condition as well as an Ophthalmologist for the swollen retina and eye pain I’ve had since temporarily losing my sight in May. This has been in addition to my usual ear, face, tooth, head, neck pain and dizziness, just to name a few! Back in May I had just started to take a new medication to help with my chronic migraines, of which visual related problems could be a rare side effect. I emailed my neurologists secretary to let him know about my sudden loss of vision and they couldn’t have responded more promptly, nor could they have been more helpful, advising me in respect of what I needed to do and what needed to be checked. Over the past 6 months I have kept my neurologist updated on the Neurosurgical and Ophthalmological front and not only does he always acknowledge these updates, but he always provides his own helpful comments.

I have never known a doctor to be so available and present in between appointments, and this was even before my somewhat eventful past 6 months. I have often found many of my past appointments to be relatively quick and, when you have a long list of symptoms and quite a complex history like I do, you can often leave feeling frustrated that you were unable to discuss a large chunk of your daily pains and problems. In the months that followed my first appointment, I emailed my neurologist’s secretary a few updates, of which the first included an incredibly long and detailed list of my symptoms and triggers. I was amazed to receive an equally long letter back, which showed me that he really had taken the time to go through my long winded list. For the first time, someone other than me knew the ins and outs of what I go through every day, with my neurologist noting how he could see just how disabling my symptoms are. To finally have a doctor fully aware of my health problems was very important to me, and for this doctor to be so thorough and detailed is just an added bonus.

Even though I am still in a lot of pain every day, it is so incredibly reassuring to know that I am under the care of a fantastic doctor who not only cares and really wants to find a solution, but is also there outside of appointments when there is a problem or a change in symptoms. And to have this on the NHS is just amazing and I feel very lucky

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