Teresa, Nottingham.

My dear mum passed away on the 11th January 2015.

My mum suffered from a terminal illness called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. She also had diabetes and heart disease. On behalf of my mum I would like to praise her GP from Churchfields Medical Practice in Nottingham.

My mum was house bound for a significant part of her illness. Her GP visited the house regularly and made sure my mum received excellent care. This included making sure my mum received the right medication for her needs at the time. Mum’s needs were complex and changed frequently. The GP was also excellent in making sure other services were on board, for example the District Nurses.

In addition, she was so kind and sensitive. The GP would sit by my mum’s bed and talk to her explaining exactly what she was doing, for example taking her blood pressure. She treated my mum with dignity and respect. This wonderful GP never rushed, she made my mum feel at ease and important. She would also always take the time to talk to me about my mum’s medication and her emotional wellbeing. This was face to face and via phone calls. I know mum felt cared for by this super GP.

The NHS has some excellent staff and my mum’s GP will really never know what an angel she was to our family.
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