Ali, London.

People are too quick to moan about the NHS, I work for the NHS and have a premature baby that spent 78 days in NICU. We were seen by a fantastic doctor and it’s thanks to people like him, that the NHS is bloody brilliant.

My son was seen at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning (17 Jan, 2016). The doctor that I spoke to on the phone was very kind and courteous and made an appointment for us to come in to see the on-call GP. The gentleman on the phone was very polite and felt like he treated me with respect and took on my concerns without judgement and I felt reassured after speaking to him.

We came to the Queen Elizabeth, and the GP was fantastic as well. There were a long line of people waiting to see him, and many people waiting for phone call backs and he was incredibly calm and professional.

Our baby is premature and when we asked for a room to wait in away from the other patient’s, the GP found us a room, with no complaint or sly comment and was very kind to us.

This poor doctor was under immense pressure, and he spoke to all of his patients in a kind and lovely manner.

Our baby had been projectile vomiting and was being worked up for surgery this week, so this is why we attended.

I felt like the doctor took great care and attention towards us, and like I say, he was under immense pressure, but he was outstanding and listened to us. He had such a lovely bed side manner with our baby too and even phoned the paediatrician on call to back up his thinking and prescribing, despite it being time consuming.

Our baby is much better now, and this is down to this lovely doctor. People are quick to complain, but are rare to compliment, so I would like to say thank you to this special doctor, who was kind and caring in our hour of need, even though, he was stretched to breaking point. This is why the NHS is brilliant, because of people like him. We are eternally grateful for yours and his service. Thank you for all that you do.

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