National Adoption Week 14th – 20th Oct

Monday 14th – Sunday 20th October 2019 marks is National Adoption Week. This week is key to raising awareness about children across the country who are still looking for their ‘forever’ home. Right now there are more than 2000 children who need a family in the UK, many of which are becoming harder to place.

The focus for this year is leaning more towards the adopter. Did you know that in England, children waiting to be adopted outnumber adopters nearly 3 to 1? Adoption services are encouraging more people to register, as people from many different walks of life can be accepted to adoption.

Statistics show that older children, children with a disability, or children from an ethnic minority background are the hardest to find homes for. This proves a difficult job for adoption social workers.

What Does an Adoption Social Worker do?

Social workers are responsible for facilitating the process for both the family and child. They work with government and adoption agencies to find suitable homes. They typically research the child’s past and any key information about the adoptive family to meet the needs of all involved.

Social Workers who enjoy working with children can find great satisfaction in specialising in working with adoptive family and children going through the adoption process. A career in adoption social work is rewarding, challenging, and offers the chance to make a real positive difference in the lives of children and their adoptive families.

Are you interested in working with adopted children?

If you are interested in a social care role specializing in adoption, check out our Children’s Social Worker rolessubmit your CV online or give our team a call on 020 7861 8777 (ext 3).

You can find out more about National Adoption Week on the First4Adoption website.

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