Recently you will have seen much in the news about the introduction of caps on hourly pay rate for agency staff.

Before these changes take effect, the Trust Development Agency (TDA) and Monitor are consulting with all stakeholders on the rules, guidance and the associated impact; the deadline for contributions is 13 November. Subject to responses, the initial caps will be introduced on 23 November. HCL is currently reviewing the guidance and will formally engage in the consultation on the rules, the specific caps and the associated impact.

HCL is on all the relevant government-approved framework agreements and the Crown Commercial Service has identified HCL as a strategic partner. Our recent lobbying activity played a crucial role in getting nurses added to the Shortage Occupation List thereby opening up the pipeline for much needed overseas nurses to apply for UK work visas. HCL is calling for a sensible solution ensuring the temporary workforce is paid appropriately for the excellent service provided each and every day.

It is our intention to ensure the continued supply of high-quality temporary staff to the NHS and to promote the valuable contribution that our agency workers make to the system. If you have any concerns or worries please don’t hesitate to email

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