The NHS in England deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours. None of this would be possible without the dedicated people behind it – over 1.5 million employees across the UK.

In this article we are exploring how the NHS is based on multi culture. What do you think are the top ten nationalities of staff in the NHS? Find out below:

  1. British – 969,000
  2. Indian – 18,000
  3. Filipino/a – 15,000
  4. Irish – 12,000
  5. Polish – 8,300
  6. Spanish – 7,000
  7. Portuguese – 6,800
  8. Italian – 6,000
  9. Nigerian – 5,300
  10. Zimbabwean – 3,900

NHS at 70

As the NHS turns 70, here at HCL we want to celebrate all the great things the NHS has brought us, and showcase stories from our frontline heroes. Have a look at our dedicated web page NHS at 70, where over the course of 2018, we’ve been sharing all things great and small that have come and continue to come from our NHS.

We want to pay tribute to those who dedicate their lives to helping us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and you can too on this dedicated Facebook page.

Do you want to be part of something great?

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