There are many reasons why doctors choose to locum; one of the most common is the desire to balance work with family life. This Mother’s Day, we’re shining a spotlight on Dr Madhumeeta Paul, who tells us how locuming helps her to get the most out of her career and motherhood….

With two boys aged 12 and 6 years old, Dr Paul spent a few years working part-time before choosing to locum. Below, she explains why and how this benefits her and her family:

“I started only doing locum jobs in 2012. I did some part time jobs in the past, but I found I needed more freedom to choose when I worked. With part-time work, you can’t choose as per your needs when you work, or whether you work nights. As a locum, I can choose the days I work as per my spouse’s rota; I can fit it in my schedule easily. It makes my work-life balance very good and gives me time with my boys. My shifts vary but I do maximum two a week, as I am also preparing for changing specialties and starting an aesthetics course.”

When asked what advice she would give for other doctors looking to balance work and family life, Dr Paul noted:

“Well it is true that locum jobs give you really good work life balance as you can choose the way you want to work. But it might not help you in completing your required training. I’ve enjoyed working as a locum doctor. It really depends what you are looking for.”

Dr Paul works with our recruitment consultant Julie Parsons who says of her:

“Dr Madhumeeta Paul has worked with us for many years. She is a very pleasant lady and is always happy to help out at short notice if possible. She is a dedicated, loyal and hardworking doctor who has excellently balanced her work and family life. It is a pleasure to work with Dr Paul and I am honoured to have her in my team of doctors.”

If you’re interested in picking up locum shifts, register with us today.

To Dr. Paul and all our other candidates balancing work and motherhood, Happy Mother’s Day and thank you from the whole team at HCL Doctors.

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