A report from the HSJ published on 29 July 2014 reveals that NHS Trusts are facing an ever increasing struggle to fill their nursing staffing requirements. The report, based on an analysis of staffing data from 135 acute trusts, reveals that 84 per cent of acute trusts failed to meet their nursing staffing targets for both day and night in at least one hospital.

In a further breakdown of the figures, the HSJ reports that out of 227 hospitals, 198 missed their target for nurses working during the day – almost nine out of 10 hospitals in England, and 70 per cent, or 159 hospitals, missed the target for nurses working at night.

The figures show that, despite record recruitment drives, Trusts are struggling more than the previous year to fill shifts. This is due in part to the new safe staffing guidelines introduced in 2014 as a response to the Keogh review, which has put a further stress on the well documented shortage of trained nurses in the UK. The issue threatens to be further exacerbated by the proposed immigration rules forcing non-EU nurses to leave the country if they earn less than £35,000 per annum.

Ross Carter, Associate Director HCL Nursing, comments ‘The difficulties placed on trusts by the shortage of trained nurses in the UK is not new, and HCL shares the concern surrounding the proposed changes to immigration and the effects this will have on non-EU nurses working in the UK. HCL Nursing has long supported trusts in helping them to achieve safe staffing levels, providing trusts with flexible staffing solutions and fully compliant nurses. The recent launch of our master vendor contract with Leicester Partnership NHS Trust, which focuses on achieving higher fill rates and levels of compliance by streamlining the procurement of temporary nursing staff, demonstrates our dedication to helping trusts meet these challenges.’

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