9th – 15th March 2020 is Healthcare Science Week, an annual week of celebration and awareness-raising for the many careers in healthcare science. It provides healthcare science professionals with an opportunity to promote their profession and inspire those looking for a career in this industry.

Healthcare science staff help prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions. They may work directly with patients or in a supporting role. Healthcare science covers a range of jobs in four broad areas:

  • physiological sciences (this includes audiology, critical care)
  • life sciences (this includes biomedical, microbiology)
  • physical science and biomedical engineering
  • clinical bioinformatics

Myths about healthcare science

Are you interested in learning more about the profession and the types of roles that are available? Here we bust some of the typical myths behind working in Health Sciences:

The healthcare science team doesn’t work with patients. True or false?

False: Many healthcare science professionals work directly with patients. This could be anything from monitoring breathing or heart rates to helping disabled patients with custom made technology such as artificial limbs or wheelchairs.

Healthcare science staff don’t just work in labs. True or false?

True: Some healthcare science teams work in labs but many do not, especially in areas where they need to interact with patients. This could mean working on wards or in the community visiting patients at home to help monitor their breathing problems, or check that their home dialysis machines are working properly.

Doctors couldn’t do their job without the support of the healthcare science team. True or false?

True: Healthcare science staff are critical to the delivery of patient care. In fact, the healthcare science workforce are involved in over 80% of all clinical decisions in the NHS and develop some of the most innovative and ground breaking clinical technologies.

Healthcare science staff monitor how patients are responding to certain treatments. True or false?

True: Healthcare science professionals increasingly work directly with patients to see how they are responding to drugs and other treatments. Some even run their own clinics.

There is no career progression in healthcare science. True or false?

False: There is a clear career pathway for staff working in healthcare science. With hard work and a commitment to continuous learning, you could reach the level of consultant healthcare scientist


If you would like to learn more about the HSS roles we have available at HCL, visit our HSS jobs page at https://hclworkforce.com/candidates/health-sciences/

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