Everything you need to know to ensure a successful interview.
Attending a healthcare interview means that you are probably up against a large number of other applicants who are all hoping to secure the position. That being said it’s advisable to go through some Healthcare interview questions and answers to help you determine what to expect when you sit down for your interview. We’ve put together some healthcare interview tips to help you prepare and have some idea of the type of questions that may be asked during your interview.

Why do you want to work in the healthcare industry?

You can expect this question to arise in any interview you attend, whether you are attending an interview at the NHS or private clinic. You will want to choose your answers with care. You may want to mention how you developed a passion for healthcare while volunteering at a local clinic. You can also mention how you enjoy helping patients using your communication skills, empathy and understanding to work.

What’s your biggest achievement and disappointment in your career to date?

This is one of the hardest questions to answer and you’ll want to be honest, but it’s the way you word it. Of course, you want to blow your own trumpet. But discuss something you achieved that wasn’t only important to you, but also important to your team or company. Discuss what you did and how it benefitted everyone involved. When it comes to your biggest disappointment, you may want to mention an experience which was beyond your control, how you accepted it and what you learned from it.

Have you been involved in an emergency situation and if so, what role did you play?

This is a question you may be asked, especially if attending a NHS interview. Use your experience to showcase you in the best possible light. Emphasise the role you played in the emergency and how it helped the situation, also discuss the lessons you learned from the experience.

What do you see as the best aspects of your job?

The great thing about this healthcare interview question is that there is not a right or wrong answer. You can speak honestly, revealing your best qualifies and your desire to interact with people on different levels. You can also mention how you love dealing with patients and helping them move forward, how you make the most of your communication skills and enjoy working as part of a team.

Why do you want to change jobs right now?

Almost every employer will want to know why you want to leave your current position and make a new start with a team and company you barely know. This is a huge decision, so ensure that you answer this based on your experience. A good answer is that you learned all you could in your current role and how you are looking for a new challenge and the opportunity to gain and improve your skills.

Why should we hire you?

This is a chance to really showcase your experience and knowledge. It’s your chance to get your interviewer to see how passionate you are about the position and push them into choosing you as the successful application. Your answer can be along the lines of the fact you’ve been a nurse for eight years and have been an asset to your current role and your company. You can mention how you are a team player and communicate effectively with colleagues and patients.

Why do you have a gap in your employment history?

If you have taken time off for a break, then expect the interviewer to pick up on the gap and question you about it. Maybe you were on maternity leave, so you can mention this. If you decided you were too stressed and needed a break, you may want to answer along the lines that you left your last position as you had learned all you could learn, but didn’t want to rush into accepting a new job, as you want to be selective to ensure you choose the right position moving forward.

Describe a situation where you didn’t see eye to eye with a colleague?

The worst possible answer you can give to this healthcare interview question is that you have never had an argument with a colleague. Everyone has problems with colleagues from time to time, so rather be honest and mention a disagreement you may have had with another nurse, tell the interviewer why you had this disagreement and what you did to rectify the situation. Turn this negative into a positive, something along the lines that you both sat down and came to an agreement and you believe sitting down and talking is the best remedy to defuse the situation.

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