An open letter to overseas nurses and doctors.

You may be aware that proposals are being developed for consideration by the UK Government which could impact the future NHS workforce, specifically the pipeline of nursing and medical staff from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). I wanted to get in touch personally to assure you that HCL will keep you fully briefed on any developments and we are strongly articulating the benefits of international recruits from both within and outside of the EU, nationally with the Government, relevant departments and the NHS more broadly.

I would note that our NHS partners greatly value the HCL recruited nursing and medical staff who provide much needed skills and capacity to the service, particularly at a time of great financial and operational pressure. As a world leader in healthcare – the NHS must continue to welcome the best recruits; at HCL we are committed to supporting the service to do so.

Key facts:

  • The UK Government has committed to developing a home grown workforce, relying less on international recruitment – however, the current demand for healthcare staff requires international staff to provide much needed capacity and skills into the system
  • The Migration Advisory Committee, which is tasked with advising the Government on migration issues, has been asked to review a number of policies regarding Tier 2 Visa applications for people outside of the EEA, including minimum income levels for applications and the length of time a profession can be considered a shortage. HCL has responded robustly to the consultation on the proposals noting that all nursing and medical staff should be exempt from any immigration caps, with the shortage of nursing staff recognised nationally
  • Changes to immigration rules coming into force mean that workers from outside the EEA must earn £35,000 per annum or more to reside in the UK after six years – concerns about this policy are being robustly raised by HCL, the Royal College of Nursing and others

I appreciate that these proposed changes may seem concerning, but please be assured that we remain committed to supporting you through the recruitment process and updating you regularly on developments as they unfold.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Burke
CEO, HCL Workforce Solutions

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