In August 2013, Giorgia Paparella’s contract as a nurse in Rome expired, and she decided it was the perfect time to pursue a nursing career in the UK. Having found a job as a staff nurse in Wye Valley through HCL Permanent, Giorgia has worked her way up to the position of Junior Sister. We talked to her to find out about her journey and how HCL Permanent helped.

Why did you decide to relocate to UK?

My contract in Italy expired in August 2013; in Italy it’s hard to find a job, and if you do the payment and conditions are bad. So I decided to look for a job in the UK where prospects are better. I thought ‘I’m going to get a chance of a good job’. In the UK, you also have a better chance of buying a house than at home. So it was the right decision for my future.

How did you hear about HCL Permanent?

I started to look around for agencies; HCL wasn’t the first I went to. Then one of my past colleagues told me how she had gone for an interview through HCL Permanent and recommended I look into them. I went on the website to see if I could find the right sort of job and decided to apply.

How was your experience with HCL Permanent?

Once I’d made contact with HCL Permanent, my recruitment consultant gave me lots of information on the jobs I was applying for to help me pass the interview. Coming from Italy, everything was so much easier through HCL Permanent. I had regular contact with my consultant and HCL gave me proper support with everything I needed to do to get a job in the UK; NMC registration, interview preparations, math practice. They were always helpful and pleasant. Thanks to their help, in February 2014, I was offered a job at Wye Valley NHS Trust as a staff nurse. I started in April, working as an HCA for six months while waited for my pin number. Then after enjoyable two years as a staff nurse, I was promoted to Junior Sister!

What advice would you give to other foreign doctors who are considering starting their career in the UK?

Just go for it! There will always be things like family at home, but just try it because you never know what might happen. I’ve done so well since I came here, like my promotion, which I couldn’t have imagined before I moved. It’s not easy in every way, but it’s worth it, and HCL Permanent helped me with a lot. Definitely try it; do something for yourself.

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