The charity Marie Curie has launched a new free online resource designed to support nurses who don’t have specialist-level training in caring for patients with terminal illness.

This comprehensive and robust zone of end of life care resources is aimed to make more health and social care professionals feel more confident so they are able to deliver the high quality, compassionate care that everyone deserves.

Marie Curie’s Palliative Care Knowledge Zone is intended to give general nurses the confidence to talk openly with patients and to meet their individual needs, said Marie Curie.

The palliative’s care knowledge zone covers key elements of end of life care, including managing and alleviating symptoms, providing care for people with specific conditions, focusing on the needs of the individual and helping people during their final days.

The content has been reviewed by a panel of experts from Marie Curie and other relevant organisations and tested by members of the Queen’s Nursing Institute.

Tracey Buckley, the project’s lead and former clinical nurse manager at Marie Curie, said: “We developed the knowledge zone with busy frontline professionals in mind. We’ve made sure that staff can access the right information as quickly as possible to support them in their caring role.

User testing and early feedback have been overwhelmingly positive, so we’re confident that health and social care professionals will find our information and support useful in helping them to improve their knowledge and confidence in caring for people with a terminal illness,” she added.

Access Marie Curie’s Palliative Care Knowledge Zone.

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