Since the results of the Brexit vote in June, a question mark has been raised against recruiting from the EU. Uncertainty over what this means for immigration has caused some to pause and question whether the same pipeline of nurses will be interested in making the move to the UK. The answer is positive.

Being at the forefront of the recruitment process, HCL Permanent is seeing first-hand the impact that Brexit has had on recruiting from the EU; and knows that interest from EU nurses in pursuing a career in the UK remains as strong as ever. In fact, registrations with HCL Permanent from EU candidates have risen by 10.7%.

HCL Permanent has built up a strong presence across the EU, including opening an office Pisa, Italy in March to cater to the increasing Italian pipeline. Since Brexit, HCL’s interview to offer and acceptance rate is approximately 85%, showing there has been no decrease in willingness from Italian nurses to move to the UK. Similarly in Spain, a high degree of interest to move to the UK has been shown since Brexit.

Prior to the Brexit announcement, HCL planned pipelining events in Spain (Madrid, Murcia and Seville) to register nurses interested in moving to the UK. Following the announcement, the numbers of interested candidates increased significantly, with our team interviewing 88 potential candidates; 48 of which have been formally registered to work with us.

Recruiting from EU countries still remains the quickest and most cost effective method of bringing nurses to the UK. Understandably, there are some concerns and questions nurses and clients want answered, however, the Brexit strategy is still a long way off. The UK remains an attractive destination for EU nurses seeking a rewarding career opportunity, and in the UK’s nurse-short market, the EU remains a very viable recruitment option for the NHS.

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