Working as a locum social worker can be extremely satisfying and rewarding. Below we are talking about a few reasons on how you’d benefit from becoming a locum social worker.


The most apparent benefit of being a full time locum social worker is that it affords you greater flexibility in both your personal and work life. You can have much more control over where you work and also the length of your placement. If you wish to take time off for that long desired and always postponed holiday, you are free to do so without too much fuss and waiting around.

A change is as good as a rest

Sometimes working for different local authorities, and being able to go in, deal with service users then leave, without getting too involved in bureaucracy or politics can be quite refreshing. It also allows you to see different ways of working between local authorities, take examples of good practice from a few employers, and see what does or doesn’t work well. Having several placements as a locum social worker for one local authority can give you a really good indication of whether an employer or team would be a good place to work long term before committing to a permanent position.

Work-life balance

Having control over your working patterns might contribute to a better work-life balance so you can continue to give best level of care without feeling overworked or stressed. Being a locum worker also allows you to combine working with other family responsibilities, adapting your work needs to your family commitments.

Enhancing your professional skills

You might be able to take on placements that aren’t limited to one particular area. That way you will be working with a variety of colleagues and service users while gaining valuable experience in a new area. There is a unique opportunity for you to develop and enhance your professional skills. This will inevitably enrich your CV, helping you to advance your career.

Better rates of pay

According to a research conducted by Community Care earlier this year, there is a significant difference between the income earned by locum social workers, and that of permanent social workers – in favour of locum work. Despite IR35 legislation, agency social workers can still earn up to £6,000 more per year than their permanent counterparts, while advance practitioners and team managers can earn almost £12,000 more than permanent workers, before deductions.

Why don’t you take the leap?

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*Pay rates depend on the role and stage of career and they might vary. For more information, please check with your consultant

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