To make sure your CV stands out from the competition it’s important you include the right information in a format that’s easy to read. If you include our 8 points below, your chances will be increased.

Personal Statement

As we covered in our CV writing guide, starting your CV with a personal statement gives you the opportunity to around up your more important skills, achievements and experiences while telling the reader who you are and what you can do.

Personal Details

This should include your address, contact telephone number and your email address. If you wish you can also include your date of birth, nationality and links to your professional social media pages such as Linkedin


List your top 5 key achievements from your career so far and back this up with facts. For example, don’t just say improved productivity, state you improved productivity by 15% through the integration of internal systems

Skills and Abilities

List out the skills and abilities you have gained from both your education and work experience, remember to include the points you covered in your personal statement.

Work experience

Start with your most recent role and then work back. In short, bullet-pointed sentences, list out our work experience for each job you’ve had, if you’ve had a number of positions, list your last 3 or 4. Start each job with the company name, your position and your start to finish dates, you may also like to include your reason for leaving.


Include the course name, the institute that you gained the qualification from, the course dates and your grades.


So far you’ve only spoken about your professional skills, experience and education, in this section, tell the recruiter more about you as a person and what you enjoy doing outside of your working life. For many organisations, the right person for the job isn’t necessarily the one with the most experience for best grades, it’s about the personality and finding that individual that will work well as part of their team.


You can provide the name and contact details of both professional and personal references, but it is also expectable to state Available on request.

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