Successfully deliver caseload management projects with this one crucial hire

HCL Social Care projects team have delivered a number of caseload management and volume recruitment projects directly into children’s services departments in the past 18 months. This piece takes into account the learning, challenges and experiences that we have encountered, ultimately telling you which hire is critical to the success of your next project.

There are a several ways for recruiters and the councils that they serve to structure, deliver and accommodate a successful caseload management project within budget and on time:

First is to build the candidate pool and then market the team in its entirety to various local authorities on the basis of them being an improvement, backlog or specialist projects team. The benefit of this is the speed of delivery and the ability to get candidates in post quickly; this does lend itself to the possibility of short term and generic solutions.

The second approach is to resource to a specific service requirement which can provide specialist skilled candidates to deliver the necessary results. However, in a candidate short sector, factors such as location, skills and reputation can impact adversely on the ability to source the right staff.

But the question remains, is there a single factor that directly impacts the successful delivery of such projects?

In our experience, the most crucial element is to source and appoint a project lead who is social work trained; after all, this person is the conduit of all communication between the project delivery team(s), HCL and the client. This enables decisions and recommendations to be considered, auctioned and evaluated within a far tighter timeframe than otherwise possible, and also ensures that there is continued focus on the key tasks, regardless of the day to day issues and staffing challenges that can sometimes derail projects.

In a recent solution we delivered this approach. This helped us to realign the teams focus at the mid-point of the specified project time-frame whilst still delivering the required outcomes. It’s also played a significant part in enabling us to repeatedly source and deliver locum candidates on a volume basis.

By comparison, the projects that have not proved as successful to those mentioned have not had that person in place. Whilst this is by no means the sole reason that they have not worked as well, we are in no doubt that their presence can only benefit the successful delivery of larger scale projects.

Have you had experience employing a project lead with social work experience? Have your say in the comments below.

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