Working as a locum doctor can be extremely satisfying and rewarding. Below we are listing just a few reasons why you should consider going locum:

Greater flexibility

The most apparent benefit of being a locum doctor is that it affords you greater flexibility in both your personal and work life. You can have much more control over working hours and the type of work you do, giving you the chance to pick and mix your shifts as you wish.

Improved work-life balance

Having full control over your working patterns might contribute to a better work-life balance so you can continue to give best levels of care without the risk of feeling stressed or overworked. Going locum also allows you to combine working with other family and caring responsibilities, adapting your work needs to your family commitments.

A change is as good as a rest

Sometimes working on a locum basis means being able to go in, deal with patients, and then leave, without getting too involved in bureaucracy or politics can be quite refreshing. It also allows you to see different ways of working between employers, take examples of good practice, and see what does or doesn’t work well. Having several placements as a locum doctor can give you a really good indication of whether an employer or team would be a good place to work long term before committing to a permanent position.

Enhancing your professional skills

You might be able to take on placements that aren’t limited to one particular area/specialism. That way you will be working with a variety of patients and colleagues while gaining valuable experience in a new area. There is a unique opportunity for you to develop your professional skills.

Ready to take the leap?

Get in touch with us or quickly drop off your CV and see how you can benefit from being a locum doctor. Our friendly consultants will guide you through the best option for you.

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