Looking to start an exciting and fulfilling career?

Being a recruitment consultant is a massively varied and exciting role, with the scope to create some great relationships and produce fantastic results for clients that yourself and your team will be very proud of.

The main definition of a Recruitment Consultant, according to the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, is to identify and secure job opportunities within organisations, and attract candidates and successfully place them in those jobs in return for a fee.

In order to carry out your role, you will need to place suitable candidates to meet client requirements in order to achieve revenue in line with corporate and personal goals. You will also need to be a great people person, developing and managing client and candidate relationships, to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and quality standards that all parties are happy with.

Below are some of the top qualities of successful Recruitment Consultants – do these sounds like you? If so, you could be perfect for a career in recruitment.


Desirable Qualities for Recruitment Consultants


You are incredibly driven and self-motivated – you want to get things done and you want them done well. It also shows that you want to lead and that you are very serious about your role.

Tenacious and resilient

This shows you are persistent and intent on getting things done which is always beneficial for your career and the team you work in.environment


You are determined to achieve your targets and objectives, and are driven by your desire and determination to succeed.

Problem solving

Perhaps you like to think outside the box, or perhaps you’re great at spotting a pattern  – either way, you love solving problems and overcoming obstacles that might be creating challenges in your work.

Communication skills

YOu’ll be able to form great relationships with colleagues and candidates both in person and over the phone and email. You’ll also be able to put together effective job and social media posts (though don’t worry if you’ve not done this before, you’ll be shown how to do this)

Time management skills

We’re working in a candidate short industry, and it’s incredibily comeptitive. This means speed can be everything! Candidates are usually talking to multiple agencies, and so are our clients! That mean finding and placing the perfect candidate quickly can be key! but speed.

Organisational skills

As you’ll be working with a lot of candidate and clients, you’ll need to be great at multitasking! You’ll be juggling multiple tasks at once and prioritisation will be important.

You’ll also identify with our 5 brand values!

Some of our success stories

We’ve built a reputation as the leading supplier of health and social care workforce solutions thanks to the dedication, hard work and talent of our people. Each one of us brings something extraordinary and unique, helping to make us the vibrant, friendly and supportive business that we’re all proud to be a part of. We’ve all taken different paths to get here as well, some coming straight from university, some growing from apprenticeships, some with a wealth of industry behind them, some looking at the business with fresh eyes.

Here are some of our managers and team leaders and their stories.

Justine’s Journey

Justine Maloney is our Business Manager for Nursing. This is her story: 

“I’ve been in nursing recruitment now for 12 years. The truth is, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left college. I had no real passion for any subject or market and I just happened to fall in to recruitment.When starting off as a temp in out of hours bookings. I quickly found out I loved it and I stayed there for 10 years, working my way up every step of the ladder; from Trainee Consultant, to Consultant, to Senior Consultant, to Team Lead and then finally managing a huge geographical area of my own.

I’m now Business Manager of nursing, managing our teams in Prescot, Cardiff and India and making our way to becoming one of the biggest nursing agencies in the UK.  I work on a great, energised and welcoming team and support fast progression for everyone. We promote a good work life balance and strongly believe the work hard, play hard motto!”

Nick’s Journey

Nick Cawood is our Divisional Head for Social Care – he’s grown from starting with us as a Recruitment Resourcer!

“I started with HCL Social Care in January 2013 as a Resourcer and, through working hard and exceeding targets, was promoted through the ranks including spells as a Consultant, Senior Consultant and Team Leader!

I now look after the Social Care division, including the successful running of 2 master vend contracts; we are immensely proud to be the only social care specific agency that have this and look to push to win even more.”

Greg’s Journey

Greg Western is our Divisional Head for HCL Mental Health

“I have been with HCL for just over 9 years, joining at the time with Bluecare, now HCL Social Care.

At the time and like now it was a very candidate short market and my 1st success was winning CAFCASS as a new client which allowed me to sell different jobs to candidates – through business development and lots of calls to clients, I was able to get my working book to 30 plus locums, meaning I was promoted to senior consultant.

Once I was a senior I really strived to become a team leader. From the period of Jan 2015 to July 2018 I built the team – in August 2018 and thanks to the senior Management team, we launched HCL’s newest division, HCL Mental Health, which specialises long term booking within CAMHS and adult mental health market and currently on the journey to build that into a market leader. I joined HCL after being abroad with nothing to my name and thanks to all the support of HCL, hard work, getting through the tough times, I have been able to create a nice life style.

The one saying I say over and over to myself and team is “positivity is the key to success“ I love working at HCL and can’t wait to see what the next 9 years brings.”

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